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Hey everyone! So I have made it safely to the island. I’ve actually been here for a few days but I’ve been busy settling in. I have exciting news, and I’m afraid that it might not make it to you if I don’t say it now, because Simon is looking at my fingers at are something that he could attack. Who is Simon, you may ask. Well! Simon is one of my new baby kitties!!! My parents came home from town yesterday with the two sweetest, most adorable, most lovely kittens in the world. We just had a two hour long snuggle fest in fact. Betsy, the girl, is now curled up at the foot of my bed [where I am typing this, while looking at the ocean – well… I have that possibility, I’m far too distracted by my precious kitties to look at anything but them] and Simon, the boy, is now cleaning himself off after a jaunt over my keyboard – there are all kinds of things that I didn’t even know existed now open on my screen. He is making the cutest little noises too. I know I’m gushing just a little bit, but for me cats are like babies. I love them. They are what make the world go round.

Amanda got her kittens yesterday too, which we find wildly amusing, since now our kittens are soul siblings. Bets really isn’t into the typing sound. She’s actually not into any electronic things – I think she’s a hippie. She attacks my phone whenever she sees it – I’m pretty sure she’s scared of the vibrations. Simon just did an epic back-flip off my bed. I think that tuckered him out, because he has just now decided to curl up beside me while I write this. It’s actually pretty funny. Last night when they got home we were keeping them in m parent’s room just so they would get used to us, and so we could introduce them to Daisy [our golden retriever] in a controlled environment; they were super playful but not very comfortable with being petted. But this morning I was laying in my bed and up they come to investigate. I spent the next two hours being smothered with kitten kisses and being napped on. Which is totally fine, because I love them more than most things in the world.

Betsy on the right, Simon on the left.

On an entirely different note, it’s sort of summer here! It was warm here two days ago, like hot and sunny warm; the past two days have been moderately not sunny at all, even a little rainy, but there was a touch of blue sky a minute ago, so I’ll keep my hopes up!


So I was just reading back in my old blog, Cat Wings Can, and I discovered a little post about what had made my year great. I am a person who measures the year from September – August, not January – December. My years have all, so far, been organized into chunks with school, so that’s why I do that.

Anyway, as it is the end of my year I think it’s high time I have a little reflection back on that. I know this blog hasn’t been around all that long, but for those of you who have followed me here from the old blog, you know what’s gone on, and for those of you that are new you can think of this as sort of a recap of my year!

This past year was my grad year, senior year, last year of high school – whatever you want to call it, and I have to say it lived up to all of my expectations. There were the very obviously exciting and important things like prom, and graduation; but there were so many other little things that made my year special. Firstly – the same as last year – there was musical. We did the production On The Town this year, and I played Hildy, the crude, unladylike, hilarious taxi-driver. Those bonds that I made last year in musical only became stronger this year, and I made some new friends too.

Another good thing that happened to me this year was getting rejected from art school. I know you probably think this isn’t a good thing at all, but if I hadn’t been rejected I wouldn’t have found my perfect little university that I’m going to next year.

Along the same lines as university, I chose a general route to take for my career. Over the years my plans have changed so much, but I think I’ve finally found something that I really love, and it’s something that was under my nose all this time: journalism. I’m considering following in my Mummy’s footsteps and getting a Master of Library Sciences, but I’ll still write if I do that.

I shaved my head, which was a huge thing for me – it reminded me that beauty doesn’t have to come from long hair, or even from the outside necessarily [although I think shaved heads on women are fabulous].

Even just recently some really fabulous things have happened. I have made some really amazing new friends – and rekindled some old friendships – that in a way I’m quite sad about, because I wish I had more time to make these friendships even better; but as my dad said this morning after picking me up from my goodbye soiree: If they’re good friends, you’ll stay good friends. They’ll keep in touch.

Some bad stuff happened this year too [mistaken relationships, issues with school, and some pretty big stresses] but it’s mostly been a year of change, and most of it has been change for the better. I feel like I’ve grown up a lot as a person, and discovered even more about who I want to be. It was a good year. It was a good year indeed.

I’m so sorry I have been MIA the past couple of days! I didn’t even touch my computer yesterday, and the day before that I was busy spending as much time as possible with my friends. So it’s finally come: the last day before moving.

Last night was the going away get together thing. It was very nice to spend time with not just the group of friends I hang out with regularly, but some old friends too. I think that was the best part of the whole thing; hanging out with everyone, not just a select group of people. It’s funny how you may only talk to someone [an old friend] once and a while, but as soon as you start talking it’s right back how it used to be with them. It’s even nicer when you haven’t talked to that person – like, really talked – for a very long time, and then you finally talk again. The fact that you wasted so much time being stupid and hating each other [hypothetically speaking, of course… ehem…] and now you finally got over that the day before one of you leaves to go to school the entire way across the country… well… that sort of puts a damper on things; but it is still the most wonderful thing to make up with someone – clear the air, as it were.

Y’all will be happy to know that I only cried a very small amount. A few tears after saying goodbye, and a few tears may have been shed this morning while watching The Aristocats with my darling Amanda. [I fell asleep while watching, and may or may not have woke myself up by saying “Goose… goosie goosie…” in my sleep, when the two geese Abigail and Amelia were chatting onscreen.]

It doesn’t feel like it’s time to go yet, but in a way it feels like it’s the right time. It’s time for me to move on with my life, and start a new adventure. I’m so glad to have been surrounded by such good friends here, and I hope I am fortunate enough to make friends like that wherever I go – although I doubt anyone will be as… special as my ones here. I’ll do my best to keep you all posted on what’s going on, and what’s exciting. I am, however, going to be with l’internet de sketch over the next week or so, as I travel and settle in, so I will try to drink as much coffee, and buy as much bread as possible so as to use the bakery’s WiFi, and hopefully soon I’ll have internet at home!

We’ll meet again quite soon, be it here, or at a class reunion in 20 years – when we are all wildly successful and only partially wrinkled and balding.

I may or may not have just invented that term, but I think it describes what I’m thinking about right now just perfectly.

Today I was talking to a friend of mine who happens to be a few years younger and I was giving wise words on high school and how he should have fun with his friends, and not worry about trying to make a serious relationship.

This started me thinking about how teenagers these days are growing up so fast! That makes me sound about 85, but it’s true! I won’t deny that I’m not one of them. I couldn’t wait to graduate, and go to university. I had my first boyfriend when I was 14, and my first serious relationship when I was 15.

Sadly, I realize now that I could have expended all that energy I spent trying to make a relationship that was perfect, and mature into making more lasting relationships with my friends. I don’t regret those relationships in any way – I made some really wonderful friends that way – but I do think I was trying a little too hard to make them perfect, and grown up.

In no way do I discourage relationships, I think they’re a wonderful way to get to know yourself, and experiment finding out what kind of person you want to be with later in life. I don’t, however, encourage relationships where you forget about every other aspect of your life. I don’t like the relationships that remove all tact from a person. No, it is not necessary for you to  be attached to your boyfriend/girlfriend at all times, nor is it okay to shrug off plans with your friends to hang out with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

I just think that high school is a time for dabbling. I’ve had experience with long and short relationships, and I value most of them very much, but if I could advise those younger than me, I’d advise them to remember that there is lots of time to have serious relationships, and to have boy-girl sleepovers, and to have sex.

You can’t be a kid again, so don’t wish it away. When you get to the edge of adulthood, you’ll be wishing you’d spent a little more time being one.

Hello everyone! So today was my first real day of being a free woman [as in free until September when I start university…]

It was sadly very uneventful. I went to the doctors for my ear ache, which turns out is not an ear infection! Yay! It’s just fluid buildup in my eustachian tube. Which actually sounds really nasty… but it’s not. The nice doctor said it will go away as my allergies get better and to just take decongestants. I also don’t have bronchitis again! Which was more super news, because bronchitis sucks.

Anyway, the rest of my day was spent hanging out, watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I have to say, that show is so unrelated to normal high school life it hurts. And the script is really bad. Like, for realsies, that town must be really boring ’cause all those kids can think about is sex – or that’s what I assume since 90% of them get pregnant at least once throughout the show. False advertising. And then there is that whole supposed hour in between classes? How do they have time to have all these heartfelt discussions? Aren’t they going to be late?! I find it all very hard to believe.

I am currently having a lovely discussion with two of my housemates [one of them is my roommate, actually] for next year! I have to say it’s a really awesome thing that I can be thousands of miles across the country and be chatting with my housemates. They’re really nice. It’s making me even more excited for September! It also makes September 100% less scary to know I already know people and don’t have to be scared and alone on the first day!

I actually have many thoughts today, so I’m going to get right on sharing those with you! Stick around for some serious thinking!


Why hello there! Fancy meeting you here. Well not that fancy, I’m definitely still in my pajamas and it’s 8:05… pm… I decided that since it was Sunday, and I don’t have to go to school ever again, I might as well just not get dressed. How the two are related, I’m not sure.

So there are 5 days until I leave! I’m getting pretty excited, but sort of sad at the same time. It’s odd, I’ve made all these really amazing friends, some very recently, and now I have to start over! Well, not really start over entirely; I’ll still have those friends, but I get to make new ones!

I just entirely lost my train of thought as my sister called me anxiously waging war on the mice population at the new house. Problems with rural places with no cats yet: MICE. She was banging a gong at them when I gave the phone to my mother. What a goof.

Now for something completely different. I found this video just a minute while browsing Wicked songs, and I thought it was really nice. It really shows that emotion isn’t just acting on stage, it happens when you’re rehearsing too. It’s genuine and heartfelt, and I wanted to share this with you! Unfortunately I’m not going to get to see Wicked this summer in Vancouver, but maybe when I’m back east I’ll go down to New York and see Idina and Kristen do it!

This song is also really fitting for my life right now – I’m sure you can fit together why that is. I’d like to sing it with you.