Hi everyone! Just an official little welcome to Penelope Place! [I chose the name because I like the name Penelope… and Place was so nice and alliterative. No significant meaningful meaning…] I hope you enjoy the new layout, and content! I’ve posted some of my favourite posts from my old blog, so feel free to read those, or refresh your mind on them if you were a Cat Wings follower!

So my first little thought of the day is one about conversation. I was thinking today about how I miss having thought provoking conversations. These days, most of the people in my life don’t seem to be able to have a debate filled conversation without taking it all too personally!

I had this boyfriend once that I used to have these sorts of wonderful conversations with every evening [through Skype, or MSN, or in person if we were hanging out that night]. We would talk about politics [no seriously, we had quite the number of talks about the advantages of socialism, of facism – the latter had not so many benefits], art, our futures, music, life in general. I don’t think I’ve ever actually met someone who I can talk to as much as this one particular boyfriend.

The only thing that is remotely comparable so far are the conversations I have with my best friends. There are some nights when we will sit on my couch into the wee hours of the morning talking about our lives, and what is to become of them in the future.

I’ve decided these sorts of conversations are crucial to a thoughtful life. I suppose blogging provides me with one half of thoughtful conversation, but I sure do miss the other half these days. I haven’t spent very much quality time with my girlfriends recently. I see them every day, and we have chats [I didn’t see my darling Amanda today at school, so I made a special trip to her house after school just to say “hi”], but we hardly have time to actually sit down and “catch up”.

This is particularly concerning for me, since I am moving in 11 days, and I’m worried we won’t have spent enough time talking to tide me over until I see them next!

What do you think are important parts of having a thoughtful life? Do you like to have serious, though provoking conversations? Or are you a mindless chatter kind of person?

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