June 13, 2011

Hello all! So I’ve decided for this blog, I’m going to have a daily definite blog – a category in which I post a journal-style entry – as well as my thoughts section – the category that may have posts 3 days in row, and then none for a week. I think that this way I’ll be able to keep you all updated on anything interesting going on each day, report on adventures, and life changing moments – okay, maybe not life changing… but I suppose everything that happens is life changing…

Each daily definite blog will be titled with the date, so they’ll be easy to spot, and tell apart from my amazingly deep, and though provoking thoughts! For example: why are marshmallows so delicious? World changing stuff.

This is the first daily definite blog! Congratulations, you’ve made it here. So today I realized that I need to make a list of things to do. I call it the “List of Things to do Instead of Creeping People on Facebook”. I think I will share what I have so far in case you are also victims of the black hole that is social networking!

1. Make a list of books that you want to read, have to read, etc.

2. Read the books on said list.

3. Write a letter to someone. I personally love getting mail [applying to university has been the most wonderful thing, because I get mail all the time! The thing about receiving letters is that you most often have to send one to receive one. It’s like a pencil you’ve sharpened the eraser off: two sided. I have a plan for the fall, when I head over to Nova Scotia. What’s that plan? To send letters each week, so each week – I expect – there will be at least one letter for me in my fancy little mailbox.

4. Knit. I am a terrible knitter – my mother constantly reminds me that my stitches are too tight when I knit, and I have only just graduated from dish clothes to scarves – but I find it wonderfully relaxing! I have actually been using the same ball of wool for what must be eight years now. I am so terrible a knitter that I just continuously stitch, then rip out, each thing I create; but it gives me something to do, which I really quite enjoy.

5. Take a photo. Just one. I have been now taken two sections of Photography – one in grade 11, and one in grade 12 – and have become quite skilled with the use of 35mm film. I still absolutely love digital photography, but in the quest for the perfect picture I have learned to take my time, set my aperture, shutter speed, ISO [if necessary], etc. which has made me appreciate each photo so much more. Spending time finding the perfect shot stops one from just clicking away aimlessly  – missing the true beauty – in order to get the best shot possible. Using film sort of forces you to take more time, soak in more beauty, and exert more creativity. So take a moment, or ten, or thirty if you so choose; and take just one photo. Search for something that intrigues you that day, or that you just find pleasing right then and there, and document it.

6. Play with a dog. I suggest using your own dog for this, but if you don’t have one, I suppose you could go find one to play with… just make sure it’s a nice dog! I’m sure I have read places that dogs increase life span, and decrease depression. I’m sure of it. 90% sure in fact! I got home today, and instead of going directly inside, I spent 5 minutes throwing the ball for my darling golden retriever, Daisy. I felt loads better, and she was happy too. Kitties work for this too.

So there are some ideas that will take up at least an hour of time that you might have spent on Facebook – possibly creeping the guy you like… but possibly just staring at the chat window hoping someone interesting will come on…

Well that shows you how amazingly cool I am! I just realized that this is a really, really, really long post, so I am going to wrap it up here! Have a wonderful evening and Tuesday tomorrow. I’ll be back!

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