Little Hair, Big World

So I have been hating on my lack of hair the past few days [since I have been hating on everything ever recently…] but it was really affecting me today. I just kept thinking to myself that only totally crazy people shave their head for no reason other than they dislike having a whole whack of nuisance-y hair. Then I started thinking about all the beautiful women who have short hair, and decided to share some of them with you, so maybe those of you who think short hair doesn’t look amazing on a lady can think again!

Natalie Portman rocked a shaved head after filming V for Vendetta. She is a huge inspiration for what I do to my hair a lot of the time. Definitely a confident woman who can rock any look!

Emma Watson’s new pixie is definitely adorbs. I love that we share some definite cowlick issues.

I’m pretty sure Mia Farrow originated pixie cuts – in my mind she did. Her classic pixie in Rosemary’s Baby is a favourite of mine.

Carey Mulligan’s pixie cut is far preferable to her long hair – in my opinion. What is the point of having cute pixie-ish features if you’re going to hide them behind a bunch of hair?!

If Julie Andrews does it, it must be okay. And by okay, I mean preferable.

Now, I have always been skeptical at whether Audrey Hepburn’s crop was actually a pixie, but I’ve been officially informed it was. Therefore, she obviously has to be in here. After all, she is the icon of elegance.

And last of all – no pixie compilation would be complete without it – Twiggy! I remember the first pixie cut I ever got was modeled on a picture of her!

So there you go! Proof that you can actually be attractive with little-to-no hair. And for the days when your cowlick won’t be tamed? Well, let’s just leave it at this: Liz Taylor wasn’t the only Liz that could rock a head-wrap.


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