The Shoe Theory

Christian Louboutin Studio 120 peep-toe pumps

I have a dilemma. It’s basically a battle between crushes [oh yes, crushes. We’ve been there before]. On one side we have the crush that is basically me in man form, so handy, but really, things are 99% sure not going to happen with; and on the other side, we have clichéd fantastic boy who is so wrong in every way, but I just can’t get him out of my mind!

I was thinking about this and it brings up a theory of mine: the boys as shoes theory. A back story is needed, I believe. So yes. A few years back I had this same dilemma [battle of the crushes], but the problem was I liked two guys the same, but one was my stilettos and one was my Converse–meaning one made me feel sexy and fantastic, and the other one made me comfy.So here’s how it works: You might love how you feel in stilettos [they make your legs longer, your butt rounder, your face glowier, your comments wittier] , but you really can’t wear them all the time. There are so many problems with wearing stilettos all the time: back pain, foot pain, calf pain, pain in general. So then you have the option of comfy shoes [for me this would be my converse–don’t even go there]. Especially after wearing stilettos, they make your feet feel so free, you’re comfortable, and you can wear them with anything! The downside: lack of delicious leg enhancements, not as many people commenting on your excellent choice of footwear.

So what does this have to do with guys, you may ask? Think about it: there will always be the one guy that makes you feel like yourself, and who you don’t have to watch what you say around, or how you act, you really can just be you; he would be your comfy shoes. Then you have the guy that makes you feel fantastic. He makes your legs feel 100 feet long, and your comments wittier, but at the end of all the fabulosity, when you let him go [or take of your fantastic shoes] it just causes pain; and even though there is that pain, you still want to put those shoes right back on and go strut a little longer. Now, the unfortunate thing is, unlike shoes, you can’t exactly have a wardrobe of boys. Or, you can, but there are words for people like that. So it’s time to choose: Stilettos, or sneakers? Although, since hybrids are all popular these days [does everyone own a Prius?!], can’t they just slip a pair of Dr. Scholls on that wonderful stiletto boy and call it a day?


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