June 14, 2011

Hello all! So here we are. The second day of my new blog! I’m very excited about how well received it has been – people are actually reading it! So this is the daily definite, so a bit of rambling, but heck, that’s what I’m all about.

So today I worked on the second thing on my “Things to Do Instead of Facebook” list! I was sitting there, watching Mad Men [love it! I love everything about the 60’s. Especially tea length dresses!], and I thought to myself: Elizabeth, you should go get some pretty stationery to start writing your letters on! So up I got, and went to the bookstore, where I purchased a lovely writing set [paper+envelopes] to write wonderful letters to all the wonderful people I’m going to miss terribly after I leave.

I think that, since letters are such a rarity these days, they should be written on something nice, in neat handwriting, so when someone gets your letter they know you put lots of love and care into it. I know I’d be far more satisfied getting a quick letter of greeting on a nice sheet of flowered paper, with matching envelope, than a piece of loose-leaf in a security envelope.

That was the first exciting thing that happened to me today. The second thing is that the yearbooks got to the school today! We don’t get them yet – we might get them tomorrow, or at the latest on Thursday – but it was a gentle reminder that school is over. Forever. In FIVE DAYS! Five school days that is… either way, it’s not long at all!

I am also officially stressed about packing for university though. Most people get to pack at the end of August, therefore have a nice, calm end of the school year; but I have to do it before I leave for the summer because I’m pre-locating [relocating before I relocate again in two and a half months]. I have to be packed by next Friday, and my parents want me to be pretty much packed by the end of the weekend, but I’m one of those people who sort of… only has a few things she actually wears on a daily basis, so once I pack those, I’m going to have to wear annoying summer clothes – even if it’s freezing cold… but I’ve got a plan! I’m going to take my 4 allotted suitcases for school, take my best friend, take all my clothes, and spend all day Saturday/Sunday trying things on, and deciding what, and what not, to bring. Then I am going to take my teensy duffle bag and fill it with my summer dresses, underwear, and things I will most likely be wearing right away this summer. Then I will put my laptop, my stationery, and my polka-dotted bowl [and anything else that I actually need from home, that I can’t buy once I get there] in my duffel bag, and I will be fit as a fiddle to take on moving and university.

I’ve got to go organize some more things to deal with the rest of the balancing act that is my life these days, but I have had a thought – it just needs to have a little more thinking done on it – so I’ll be back later to share it with you!



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