June 15, 2011

Hey everyone! I really don’t have anything too interesting to say today! I have one day of regular classes left before my exam day, then I’m done forever! It’s a pretty exciting feeling! Sadly it’s not exactly summer weather here, so it doesn’t really feel like the end of school… at all.

I’m taking a quick break from packing to write this, so it’s not going to be a very long post, most likely. I’ve been busily trying to fit 8 months worth of clothes into 4 suitcases. I’ve successfully filled two, and I think I’ll be able to fit the rest in just one more! So I’ll have an extra one for new clothes – which would be awesome.

I think the most exciting part of my day was buying two books, and a disposable camera! I was standing there in the teen fiction section and decided that I was going to go for a more informative read than Gossip Girl this time, so I got two “classics”, one about communism [not a communist – don’t get the wrong idea – I just like knowing about things; and one about Ghandi. I’m excited to read both of them, but I have to finish Moab Is My Washpot first so I can return it to my sister’s boyfriend – from whom I am borrowing it. I think he probably wants it back now…

My other purchase – the one use camera – excites me greatly! I didn’t think I would be able to find one actually, but I found them tucked away with 35mm film in the back of the Shoppers Drug Mart  photo lab. I am going to use it to take pictures of my last days at school, and of my going away party. There are only 27 exposures, so I must use them wisely! I really like the look of disposable camera photos though. They look all grainy, and vintagey, and cool. Hopefully they come on a CD and I’ll be able to put them up here so you can all see them!

Now I must leave to and move on to the most pressing issue of my day:

Mini blender vs. pirate boots – who gets to come across Canada with me?


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