Hey everyone! So I had a thought today while I was on my way home from the store [secret business, can’t tell you what]. That thought had to do with independence.

I got my driver’s license in October of this year, and am very lucky to have the use of a rad sauce mini van. No, I’m not even being sarcastic. It’s awesome. I can transport large amounts of commodities. This advancement in my life meant that I was automatically given a whole new level of independence – I can now drive myself places. Before I would have to rely on my parents for rides places, or walk – which, let’s face it, just isn’t going to happen some days – which could prove to be such a hassle!

Not now though! For example, yesterday I thought to myself after school “hm, there are a few things I need to get… I should go purchase them!” and so off I went driving the van downtown to get the things I needed. Sadly I could not get half of what I wanted because that particular store was closed – I just wanted White Rabbits, jeez.

So what does driving have to do with anything remotely important? Everything. It represents a whole new era of independence for me. I’m sure era is a terrible way of describing that deal, but it will have to do for now – allergies are conquering my brain. Anyway, I was walking across the parking lot downtown, and I realized that yes, I was old enough, and independent enough to get things done!

It seems sort of trivial if you don’t really think about it. You are probably thinking [if you are a negative Nancy] “I’ve been doing things for myself since I was two and a half, are you really that dependent?!” No I’m not that lame.

For me today was more of just a realization [even though I’ve been doing this sort of thing for 9 months now] that I am growing up and it’s actually really fun to be able to do things for yourself, and not have to worry about relying on someone else.

Just a long winded long post for a small thought I had! More to come soon!


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