June 19, 2011

Why hello there! Fancy meeting you here. Well not that fancy, I’m definitely still in my pajamas and it’s 8:05… pm… I decided that since it was Sunday, and I don’t have to go to school ever again, I might as well just not get dressed. How the two are related, I’m not sure.

So there are 5 days until I leave! I’m getting pretty excited, but sort of sad at the same time. It’s odd, I’ve made all these really amazing friends, some very recently, and now I have to start over! Well, not really start over entirely; I’ll still have those friends, but I get to make new ones!

I just entirely lost my train of thought as my sister called me anxiously waging war on the mice population at the new house. Problems with rural places with no cats yet: MICE. She was banging a gong at them when I gave the phone to my mother. What a goof.

Now for something completely different. I found this video just a minute while browsing Wicked songs, and I thought it was really nice. It really shows that emotion isn’t just acting on stage, it happens when you’re rehearsing too. It’s genuine and heartfelt, and I wanted to share this with you! Unfortunately I’m not going to get to see Wicked this summer in Vancouver, but maybe when I’m back east I’ll go down to New York and see Idina and Kristen do it!

This song is also really fitting for my life right now – I’m sure you can fit together why that is. I’d like to sing it with you.

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