June 20, 2011

Hello everyone! So today was my first real day of being a free woman [as in free until September when I start university…]

It was sadly very uneventful. I went to the doctors for my ear ache, which turns out is not an ear infection! Yay! It’s just fluid buildup in my eustachian tube. Which actually sounds really nasty… but it’s not. The nice doctor said it will go away as my allergies get better and to just take decongestants. I also don’t have bronchitis again! Which was more super news, because bronchitis sucks.

Anyway, the rest of my day was spent hanging out, watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I have to say, that show is so unrelated to normal high school life it hurts. And the script is really bad. Like, for realsies, that town must be really boring ’cause all those kids can think about is sex – or that’s what I assume since 90% of them get pregnant at least once throughout the show. False advertising. And then there is that whole supposed hour in between classes? How do they have time to have all these heartfelt discussions? Aren’t they going to be late?! I find it all very hard to believe.

I am currently having a lovely discussion with two of my housemates [one of them is my roommate, actually] for next year! I have to say it’s a really awesome thing that I can be thousands of miles across the country and be chatting with my housemates. They’re really nice. It’s making me even more excited for September! It also makes September 100% less scary to know I already know people and don’t have to be scared and alone on the first day!

I actually have many thoughts today, so I’m going to get right on sharing those with you! Stick around for some serious thinking!


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