Reverse Peter Pan Syndrome (RPPS)

I may or may not have just invented that term, but I think it describes what I’m thinking about right now just perfectly.

Today I was talking to a friend of mine who happens to be a few years younger and I was giving wise words on high school and how he should have fun with his friends, and not worry about trying to make a serious relationship.

This started me thinking about how teenagers these days are growing up so fast! That makes me sound about 85, but it’s true! I won’t deny that I’m not one of them. I couldn’t wait to graduate, and go to university. I had my first boyfriend when I was 14, and my first serious relationship when I was 15.

Sadly, I realize now that I could have expended all that energy I spent trying to make a relationship that was perfect, and mature into making more lasting relationships with my friends. I don’t regret those relationships in any way – I made some really wonderful friends that way – but I do think I was trying a little too hard to make them perfect, and grown up.

In no way do I discourage relationships, I think they’re a wonderful way to get to know yourself, and experiment finding out what kind of person you want to be with later in life. I don’t, however, encourage relationships where you forget about every other aspect of your life. I don’t like the relationships that remove all tact from a person. No, it is not necessary for you to  be attached to your boyfriend/girlfriend at all times, nor is it okay to shrug off plans with your friends to hang out with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

I just think that high school is a time for dabbling. I’ve had experience with long and short relationships, and I value most of them very much, but if I could advise those younger than me, I’d advise them to remember that there is lots of time to have serious relationships, and to have boy-girl sleepovers, and to have sex.

You can’t be a kid again, so don’t wish it away. When you get to the edge of adulthood, you’ll be wishing you’d spent a little more time being one.

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