A Year In Review

So I was just reading back in my old blog, Cat Wings Can, and I discovered a little post about what had made my year great. I am a person who measures the year from September – August, not January – December. My years have all, so far, been organized into chunks with school, so that’s why I do that.

Anyway, as it is the end of my year I think it’s high time I have a little reflection back on that. I know this blog hasn’t been around all that long, but for those of you who have followed me here from the old blog, you know what’s gone on, and for those of you that are new you can think of this as sort of a recap of my year!

This past year was my grad year, senior year, last year of high school – whatever you want to call it, and I have to say it lived up to all of my expectations. There were the very obviously exciting and important things like prom, and graduation; but there were so many other little things that made my year special. Firstly – the same as last year – there was musical. We did the production On The Town this year, and I played Hildy, the crude, unladylike, hilarious taxi-driver. Those bonds that I made last year in musical only became stronger this year, and I made some new friends too.

Another good thing that happened to me this year was getting rejected from art school. I know you probably think this isn’t a good thing at all, but if I hadn’t been rejected I wouldn’t have found my perfect little university that I’m going to next year.

Along the same lines as university, I chose a general route to take for my career. Over the years my plans have changed so much, but I think I’ve finally found something that I really love, and it’s something that was under my nose all this time: journalism. I’m considering following in my Mummy’s footsteps and getting a Master of Library Sciences, but I’ll still write if I do that.

I shaved my head, which was a huge thing for me – it reminded me that beauty doesn’t have to come from long hair, or even from the outside necessarily [although I think shaved heads on women are fabulous].

Even just recently some really fabulous things have happened. I have made some really amazing new friends – and rekindled some old friendships – that in a way I’m quite sad about, because I wish I had more time to make these friendships even better; but as my dad said this morning after picking me up from my goodbye soiree: If they’re good friends, you’ll stay good friends. They’ll keep in touch.

Some bad stuff happened this year too [mistaken relationships, issues with school, and some pretty big stresses] but it’s mostly been a year of change, and most of it has been change for the better. I feel like I’ve grown up a lot as a person, and discovered even more about who I want to be. It was a good year. It was a good year indeed.

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