June 28, 2011

Hey everyone! So I have made it safely to the island. I’ve actually been here for a few days but I’ve been busy settling in. I have exciting news, and I’m afraid that it might not make it to you if I don’t say it now, because Simon is looking at my fingers at are something that he could attack. Who is Simon, you may ask. Well! Simon is one of my new baby kitties!!! My parents came home from town yesterday with the two sweetest, most adorable, most lovely kittens in the world. We just had a two hour long snuggle fest in fact. Betsy, the girl, is now curled up at the foot of my bed [where I am typing this, while looking at the ocean – well… I have that possibility, I’m far too distracted by my precious kitties to look at anything but them] and Simon, the boy, is now cleaning himself off after a jaunt over my keyboard – there are all kinds of things that I didn’t even know existed now open on my screen. He is making the cutest little noises too. I know I’m gushing just a little bit, but for me cats are like babies. I love them. They are what make the world go round.

Amanda got her kittens yesterday too, which we find wildly amusing, since now our kittens are soul siblings. Bets really isn’t into the typing sound. She’s actually not into any electronic things – I think she’s a hippie. She attacks my phone whenever she sees it – I’m pretty sure she’s scared of the vibrations. Simon just did an epic back-flip off my bed. I think that tuckered him out, because he has just now decided to curl up beside me while I write this. It’s actually pretty funny. Last night when they got home we were keeping them in m parent’s room just so they would get used to us, and so we could introduce them to Daisy [our golden retriever] in a controlled environment; they were super playful but not very comfortable with being petted. But this morning I was laying in my bed and up they come to investigate. I spent the next two hours being smothered with kitten kisses and being napped on. Which is totally fine, because I love them more than most things in the world.

Betsy on the right, Simon on the left.

On an entirely different note, it’s sort of summer here! It was warm here two days ago, like hot and sunny warm; the past two days have been moderately not sunny at all, even a little rainy, but there was a touch of blue sky a minute ago, so I’ll keep my hopes up!

  1. Devan said:

    Why do you get brand new kittens? Why don’t I? You’re going off to University to live in a dorm room!? How on earth will you bring them with you? I will take care of them for you next year if you let me. Promise!

    • I have parents and a sister; but I’m sure they’d love to see you, and if it takes kittens to get you there, then so be it!

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