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During my quest for clothing grown-up-dome I have discovered my love for nautical clothing. I am thinking combining all the following elements into one outfit might be a little over the top… but I would definitely like to combine them into three different nautical themed outfits!



All elements of the ultimate nautical wardrobe are from Anthropologie.



Toile de Jouy

It’s time I fess up… I have an addiction to wallpaper. It’s so pretty! I am going to have the most wallpapery wallpapered house in the world! But in a good way, that Nate Berkus would approve of. I actually get distracted on sites like Anthropologie when I’m looking at “clothes” and end up in the wallpaper/decorating section. I was watching The Nate Berkus Show the other day, and Gayle King [yes, Oprah’s Gayle] had the best wallpaper to show off in her kitchen. It’s Sheila Bridges’  Toile de Jouy and it’s gawgeous.

I’m currently trying to make my high school wardrobe into something a little more “east coast sophisticate” since I think it’s time to dress like a grown up, and start steering away from the men’s t-shirts and jeans look I have adopted over the last year. I miss cute clothes! But not the uncomfortable armpit issues. Ah well, sacrifices will be made. I wish I could just dress in wallpaper…

“No. 3 Flirt. Flirting is merely enjoying yourself in the presence of others, it is not trying to get a guy to go home with you. So practice flirting with some unlikely people…a child, the mail carrier, your boss, the person behind you in line. Say hello, smile, it’s as easy as that.”

This is the number 3 way to be exquisite, according to Julie at Olivine Charm School. I’m not so sure about it. Well, okay, I agree with the part about smiling and saying hello to people – being charming is important these days. But calling it “flirtation”? That’s what I’m not so sure about. Well… it’s not even that! It’s flirtation in general that I’m not so sure about.

What is flirting? 1. It’s an absolutely ridiculous word! Flirt. Say it a bunch of times out loud. Silly word, eh? 2. It’s totally over rated. A friend of mine recently tried to teach me how to flirt – we were bored and overtired at our dry-grad. She, of course, did not succeed because I do not flirt. I think it is totally obscene to put on this facade of charming-ness to attract a possible pard’ner.

So I suppose… in a way… I agree with No. 3. Just be charming… all the time! You shouldn’t be focused only on being nice to possible romantic peeps, you should be charming and lovely toeveryone.

Often I am quite amazed by memoirs. Not because of the things the author has done, or the troubles they have faced [and often overcome]. No, I am amazed that people can remember their lives in such vivid colour. I can barely remember what I did last week, let alone years in the past, and my number of years is much less than many of those who are writing memoirs.

Another thing about memoirs is that they often make me feel like I should be doing something, and not in a good way. They make me feel like I should have already done things, amazing things, world changing things. But I’m not ready to do amazing things yet! That’s something we young folk often forget, I think. Or, some of us forget… some have not doing anything down to an art.

I don’t mean for this to demote me in any way. I’ve done things. Nothing too spectacular [in my eyes at least], but I’ve done things at the pace I believe things need to be done. I attended high school pretty regularly, I graduated, I’m going to university in the fall, I have plans for the future; I’ve been in love, and have had by heart sufficiently stomped on. Of course there will always be the people that excel beyond the ordinary limits of excellence. They raise thousands of dollars for mysterious diseases, or travel the world, and have experience far beyond their years [all before they reach puberty]; and that’s not a bad thing. It’s just not for everyone.

Some people, myself included, need to take time – you could call us procrastinators, but procrastinators would be behind, we’re right on time – to do these spectacular things. Think of how many things you can get done in a day – a day where you don’t sit around in your pyjamas all day watching The O.C. … – then think about the fact there are seven of those days in a week; then fifty-two of those in a year; and so many years to come. There is so much time to do things, and while some people expedite the process, I prefer to take my time and, I suppose, take time to enjoy life[ a lot of this enjoyment comes from writing: helpful to career; and dancing with my cat, Simon [Betsy is not so into dancing…]: not so helpful for my career].

You don’t need to feel like you haven’t done anything extraordinary if you haven’t had time to do anything extraordinary yet. Extraordinary things will happen for you. As long as you want to do something, I believe you’ll do it. You’ll find a way, and that discovery could take a while, so don’t worry yet.

Oh, and Starbucks apparently has all the answers. Don’t forget it.

“This is your 45th post. Sensational! This post has 3 words.”

That’s what greeted me after posting my most recent post. I wanted to give WordPress a strong lecture and ask it if IT worked full time, and was a full-time cat mother at the same time. It obviously just doesn’t understand.

But instead of snapping at WordPress and telling it I didn’t want to play anymore, I used it as inspiration to write. I don’t know what it is about 11:30, but I can only write after that time. Maybe it’s because my brain just gets all loose and tired and I can actually get words to come out without over-thinking them. Whatever it is, it works, so I’ll take it!

So here come the posts!