July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011


Hello all! I hope everyone had an enjoyable Canada Day; and for those non-Canadians, I hope you still had an enjoyable Canada Day! I’m going to try to briefly explain how the posts are going to be dated/posted in the next little bit now.


A lot of these are all going up at the same time, but I’m date stamping them the day they were written, so it makes a little more sense at least. My train of thought has been briefly interrupted by my sister attacking my latest ear pimple – will explain later… she’s wearing a headlamp… I’m scared. Anyway, so I’m date stamping the Daily Definite posts with the date they were written and that way they’ll be in order, and the Thought posts will be dispersed throughout them. I’m not sure how, but I’ll find a way – I’ve got pull with the interwebz.


Now that all that bookkeeping nonsense is out of the way we can get to the fun stuff! I’m going to give it all up right away and tell you the most exciting news right now! I got a job! And we’re not talking just any sort of boring fast food job, we’re talking a fancy internship with an actual title! Wow, job titles – I know. Pretty much I’m going to be working for the island’s affordable housing society which aims at finding and providing housing at affordable rates for people of all different socio-economic areas. I’ll be teaming up with the Affordable Housing Coordinator to sort out the core housing need; create databases of people in need of housing, and people who have housing available; research different options for affordable housing; and create a presence within the community – be that through mentoring people who are interested in applying for grants, or creating a website to share the society’s goings on. Basically it sounds like the best summer job/internship ever. I get to help people, and be involved with something that is going to have a positive, long-term impact on my community, what could be better?


You’ll probably be able to tell that the theme of my brain recently has been happiness, and what makes people happy. I’ve realized recently – and I’ll explain again, without going into too much detail – that I want a simpler life than I originally planned for. I have been thinking about sheep farming for a few months now… sort of entertaining the idea that maybe I’ll be able to work six months in the field [of journalism], and take off six months to look after my sheep farm and freelance. I was thinking about this even more the other day when I was driving to the market to buy a loaf of bread. As I was winding my way [in my minivan, no less] through the thickly forested area close to my house, then through the beautiful pasture land a little further down the way, then through the thickening “urban” area [I use the term urban very loosely – it’s a loose affiliation of houses, rounded out by a corner store, the volunteer fire department, and a produce and fresh food market.] to the market, I realize how happy I would be doing so every day.


My dad says I’m a romantic – and no, not in the way that I like chocolate and roses; I hate roses

[in the most cliche, I pretended to hate Valentine’s Day for years, sort of way]. No, the type of romantic that I am is the romantic that loves to daydream about fanciful, wonderful things, like spending days trudging around in my Wellies and wool sweaters on my sheep farm; and driving my little market truck to the market [fancy that] to buy milk in glass jugs [think: The Holiday, with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz]. I see nothing wrong with having life goals like this.


Wow I’ve just realized how long these posts are going to be – I certainly do ramble… I was going to put down just one more little thought, but it turns out it wasn’t so little, so I’m going to post it beneath it’s own title! Exciting stuff!


So I’ll end with an up and a down for the day. But I’ll reverse them so I end with an up. So my down: I dropped my Blackberry into the ocean today. Luckily it wasn’t deep – it was maybe four inches deep where I dropped it – but it’s fried as of now. Hopefully sitting in a bag of rice over night will suck out any sea left in it and it will work again. Otherwise I’ll most likely be spending my first paycheck on a new phone – I feel awful that my stupid texting addiction has now cost me [and my parents who deal with my phone stuff] another phone. Time to start fending for myself!


My last little bit here is a kitten update! They’re doing wonderfully! Betsy is really into the Nate Berkus Show, while Simon prefers Judge Judy and Will and Grace. They’ve been sleeping lots recently, but I’m pretty sure they’re just growing, and they’re very active when they’re awake. Betsy is quite fond of panther jumping on her brother’s face – Simon returns the favour by chewing on hers whilst she is asleep. I will make sure to keep you up to date with kitten info as they start to grow even more! And I’ll let you know how things are going with work – once it starts! Hopefully the blogosphere will level out soon, since we’ll hopefully have internet this coming week! Back soon!


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