July 2, 2011

Hey everyone! So I’m really happy that I’ve got a job now because guess who was super stupid and took her phone to the beach… then proceeded to drop it into the ocean. Yup. That’s me. I don’t want my parents to have to buy me a new phone, since it’s my own fault I brought it with me – ugh – so it looks like that’s what my first paycheck will be going to [another huge grr moment, because I was hoping to save all of my earnings from this summer for school!].


So I’m generally quite frustrated about that. Currently my phone only works while plugged in, the vibrate sounds like it’s choking to death, and it only works for texting. The sound is fried. Oh and it also shuts off at random times. Super. It’s quite inconvenient since I also don’t have internet here, or a land line, so all my work/any other calls are going to my dad’s cellphone. In. Convenient.


Other than that nuisance, life is good! It was actually warm here today! So exciting, especially since it’s supposed to be summer now. Not much else to say as frustration has taken over my brain, though! Back soon!


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