July 3, 2011

Hello everyone! Bright and early it is! Yoda, I am – seems it. The day has dawned bright and sunny after quite the rainfall last night, although I never really can tell just how much it’s raining, as we have a metal roof and everything sounds extra rainy because of it. Either way – it’s sunny. I even got the beginnings of a tan yesterday! If summer had nothing else wonderful about it, it would have just that one thing: making my pastiness a little less pasty. I think today might happen in two parts since I’m doing internet twice today! It would seem to be a very exciting day…


So I don’t actually have much to say yet today. So far all I’ve done is get up, eat breaky, and drive my sister to work. Oh! And I read some of The Great Gatsby. There’s something to talk about!


So as most of you should know, I am doing my bachelor’s degree in English [minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies – something my family finds wildly hysterical for some reason… yesterday my sister reminded me that it’s not courses on makeup. I thanked her for her caution, and reminded her I wasn’t five.] and therefore have a reading list that I will have to read through the year [my English 1406 course isn’t semestered – stoked on that!]. I’ve decided that, since I know what books are on said list, I am going to read them before September so I can get a good understanding of the books before they’re assigned and I no longer want to read them. It also helps to get some of the work out of the way for during school. Yes, I am that kid – young adult, sorry.


So I’ve started reading The Great Gatsby. So far I’m quite taken with Daisy. She seems funny – not in a John Cleese-hilarious-peed-my-pants-it’s-so-funny way, but in a sly witty way. I could be mistaken. The writing style isn’t my favourite, and sometimes it can be a little hard to follow as Fitzgerald takes a moment from the story to tell us about what he had for breakfast and remind us to wear our helmets when we’re bicycling, but the story itself is interesting enough.


The thing that gets me most is at the beginning of Chapter 3 when Nick is describing the parties that go on over at Jay Gatsby’s mansion. It’s amazing how two paragraphs can make you wish you lived in the 20’s – before microwaves. GAH!


As a kitten update, Betsy would like you all to know she says “hi.” She likes to sit on my computer while I’m trying to blog. Right now she is roaming my desk – licking things, and chewing my envelopes. Tennille if your letter has bite marks in it, it was Betsy, not me!


Simon is a giant kitty now. He naps a lot, but I’m pretty sure that’s because he is actually a tiger, and has a long way to go before he’s full grown. He’s going to be a very large cat. All in all they’re very funny cats. I love them so so so so so so so much! I don’t know if I mentioned, but they’re learning how to meow, so there’s a lot of little chirping noises coming from kittens right now.


That’s all I have to report for right now, but I’ll be back later with more!


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