July 4, 2011

Today was a special kind of day; today was my first day of work! I really like it so far. Today I put together a list of all the members of the organization with their contact information and important member information – all a lot easier than it sounds. Then I worked on my workplan which is an interesting little dealio involving many fancy management terms like “output”, “outcome”, and “facilitate”. My most favourite occupational word is facilitate. It’s such an important sounding word! Love it!


The day actually went by pretty quickly too – I wasn’t ever actually bored! I am super tired now, though. Not because I have an extremely stressful or tiring job, just because I’m not used to getting up early anymore, and I was using my computer doing spreadsheet stuff all day. The only thing I’m not looking forward to about working is not getting to spend all day roasting my poor pale body in the sun… but I suppose my future skin will thank me for working.


Anyway, I’m being bad and working at home right now – distracting myself from my blog! I have a few thoughts that I may think about for y’all in a minute if I don’t get too tired before then. InStyle UK is waiting patiently next to Simon [who is having a nap by my feet right now – it’s pretty great, he matches my duvet cover so it’s all black and white over there!] and I’m not sure if I want to save some of my thoughts for when I have more of a brain or not. I’ve got a board meeting tomorrow night, so I think I’ll do some thinking now…


In that case, I’ll leave you with that and a photo I took in my garden the other day. The garden is definitely in what I would call full bloom – it’s so colourful and pretty! I hope it’s nice where you are! Back soon.


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