July 20, 2011 – Shame

I’ve got my shame face on. I admit that. And now we carry on!

So we finally got internet at home – this lack of blogging has not been for lack of want! I’ve wanted to blog so badly, but I couldn’t because work is work, and home had no internet. But there is internet at home now so we’re all set to go!

Today has been not such a good day. I got to work this morning late after a not so good board meeting last night – due a lot to over tiredness – but that’s okay because I have a whole bunch of hours wracked up. Then around about eleven I started getting the worst cramps I’ve had in my life – sorry for the TMI, but it’s true. So I took Advil or whatever, but that DIDN’T WORK. It sucked. So at two when office were over, I packed up my stuff and came home. It’s 5:20 now and I just woke up. Naps are my favourite.

Simon and Betsy are j-chillin’ with me on the couch now. They’re getting really extra big! Simon is pretty much a cat now, and Betsy is almost a regular sized kitten – she went to the vet the other day and he gave her some growth hormones so she wouldn’t be so small, as she is the runt of her litter. Simon takes good care of her though, right now he’s cleaning her, and they pretty much always have naps together and keep each other warm. Sorry, I’m an extra cat mother, and my enthusiasm today is very not there! Mine eyes are still wanting to close.

I’m really starting to look forward to school! For many, many reasons. One of those reasons being I’ll be at school again, and not at work; classes start later than work starts; I like learning; and there are people! People my age! People who are all making new friends, and while I’ll feel like the “new kid”, in no way will I be the only one!

Anyway, I’ve got a thought that is actually happening, and almost fully formed! So I’m going to get it down before I forget! Back soon – I promise!

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