July 21, 2011

Hello! Today wasn’t a bad day at work! That happens hardly as often as I’d like, but such is life. I’m starting to get sick of hippies. I mean… yes… it’s cool to be chill and that sort of thing, but it reaches a point where it’s sort of like, “No… you actually have to work to make money.” SIGH. I don’t fit in here. I paint my nails and listen to Ke$ha. I miss civilization.

One thing I do like about it here is the beach. Today my sister was coming in on the evening ferry, so I went down to the beach and took pictures and collected beach glass. I like beach glass. So here are some pictures from my adventures today.

So most of my pictures are of the ferry terminal. And a dead crab. And the sign that is very anti-social. Oh and that sign that is hilarious. I have no idea what it means. The sign of the dude getting bonked on the head with the “halt!” arm. Well, that’s pretty much my story for the day. I’m getting pretty tired. I will think more this weekend! TOMORROW! WEEKEND TOMORROW! Can’t wait! Back soon!


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