July 22, 2011

I’m frustrated. I hate to be a downer ALREADY on this blog – maybe I’m just negative – but I’m really frustrated right now. I’ve had 4 days off since I started working, I’ve already had to take a day off sick because I was almost in tears with stomach pain and overtiredness; I got paid today [which would be awesome if I wasn’t having to spend the whole thing on a new phone], but I can’t cash it because I live in the hickest of places and there is NO BANK; I am without a phone [yes, I know it’s my fault for putting it in a kangaroo pocket while at the beach, whatever.], which is alright most of the time, except when I want to, you know, contact people. It’s also really unnerving to be driving around on an island that’s 90% nothing when I don’t have a phone, and unfortunately deer are no help when you’re getting kidnapped by some weirdo hippy.

So why don’t I just take a ferry into town for the day and deal with all this? Because my debit card got deactivated and I can’t reactivate it since there is no bank here.

Adding to all this, I just realized that I did not clean the kittens’ litter box tonight, so tomorrow I get to face an utter disaster. Super. I just want to take pretty pictures, write happy things in my blog, and spend time with my friends. I miss them. A LOT.

I got a postcard from Tennille today! She’s in Montreal; well not anymore, but she was and the postcard is splendid! I was so stoked when I opened my post box today – there were two letters and both were for me! The best thing about sending mail is definitely receiving it. Well, and knowing that you made someone else’s day by letting them receive mail. I need to write back to all the people who have written to me over the past few weeks – I’ve been so busy working and sleeping that I just haven’t had time!

I’ve just had a random little tidbit of a thought – one that’s been sort of… recurring recently… so I’m going to sign off from here, and post my thought, and go to bed! 10 after 10 on a Friday night, what a bummer… back soon!


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