Anything with mustaches = hipster [Dad, this means you.]

Speaking as a girl who once complained to her friends “he’s wearing tight pants. He’s turning into a hipster. Ugh.” about her ex-boyfriend, and now wears wayfarer-style glasses [hey, I have a prescription. Don’t take my glasses away – you will be dealing with a very cranky, very headachey girl.] I have one question regarding hipsters:

What is so wrong with hipsters?!

For some reason I am actually wholly offended when someone tells me I am a hipster, and yet some funny little part of me feels enormous satisfaction. I prefer to think that the reason I wear wayfarers is because I’m a journalist with superpowers… aspiring journalist, sorry… with… yeah, superpowers.

But I was just browsing ModCloth’s apartment section, whilst listening to Mika wondering to myself why I have such an enormous hate-on for hipsters.

I think the biggest thing to me is judging people on their music taste, and I guess I judge hipstery-type people on the fact that they judge people on their music choices. I like Ke$ha, but I also like Mother Mother, and Rilo Kiley… and Dave Matthews, and Nicki Minaj, and Britney Spears.

YOU CAN’T JUDGE AN ENTIRE PERSON ON WHAT THEY LIKE TO LISTEN TO. Although, if you don’t like Mika, there is something wrong with your soul.

But let’s face it, there’s a part in all of us that wants to be the cool hipster kid [I got called the “cool hipster girl” once, and I was stoked… not going to lie]. There’s something so appealing about the whole lifestyle! For some reason I just picture hipsters doing whatever they want… and I’m big on doing whatever I want these days. They especially drink coffee out of funny mugs with funny slogans [or mustaches] on them, play with their cats, then go out write and/or photograph something awesome, and write it in their blog; insert instances of thrifting, painting, having dance parties [just remembered – I danced to Nicki Minaj for like, half an hour with my cat this morning… he was very tolerant.], or just general hipster activities where you feel necessary.

Anyway, I completely forgot if I even had a point re: hipsters. Pretty much it’s this:

Do what you want. As long as you’re not irritatingly trying your butt off to be someone you’re not. That’s just annoying. [This includes wearing fake glasses to any occasion ever. Particularly formal events.]

Please refer to the next section of my hipster-y series for a list of things that make being a hipster seem like a really darn good idea.

  1. You're not a hipster. said:

    You`re not a hipster.

    • In the name of curiosity: why so do you say this?

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