July 23, 2011

Today was a busy day! But the good kind of busy, not the “oh my God, I don’t have enough time to do everything I need to do!” I went to the library and got smart people books. I got one on the important ladies of England [pre-Elizabeth I], something published from the New Yorker [pretentious, I know!], then two other ones that I don’t remember… then I went to the market. There were so many nice clothes and stuff, but I’ve got to saveth my payings! So then I sort of just sat around and relaxed all afternoon.

I got Google+ today! It’s definitely better than Facebook, sorry Mark, but Google’s got it going on.

I really don’t have anything else exciting to say today! Tomorrow we’re going to try to go over to a neighbouring island to get groceries and just get out a bit! So I’ll try to take pictures and pots them! Back soon!








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