July 24, 2011

My face brings new meaning to sunburned. But other than that today was a good day! We went over to the bigger island to get groceries/nail polish/a slotted kitty litter scoop – success on all fronts! I have discovered the largest problem about glasses, though: you can’t wear sunglasses at the same time! So I spent all day with sunglasses on, and not my glasses, so I have a terrible, awful headache… but I think I’ll live!

So here are a few pictures from my exciting day – nothing too exciting because I never actually manage to have my camera ready when something exciting happens… figures.

Coast Guard, I like them.

The marina, I like it too. It’s the first time we’ve been to this particular marina and it’s had actual space! We actually had a choice of more than one spot!

I just like the look of this coffee shop. It’s cute. I would buy it and live in the house – but I’d rather buy the community hall here and live in it. It has the best secret room in the back that I would use as my study.

What is a street taco? Sounds gross. Almost as gross as fish tacos. Fish tacos creepy me right out.

Again, just like the sign – it’s a nice store too.

CIVILIZATION! It’s so cool.

WHAT THE HECK!? This was outside an antique shop. A… plastic… or ceramic… or real [I didn’t get close enough to tell – beauty of a telephoto lens] foot… WTF.

NO PARKING. Pretty… self explanatory?

So I don’t know how many of you have cats, particularly of the kitten variety, so I don’t know how many of you have to clean litter boxes, but for those of you who do do cat box patrol, you’ll appreciate the whole “slotted scoop” concept. I clean my cat’s litter box every day [I don’t care if the box says you only need to every 2-3 days, that’s grody.] and since I live on a deserted island I have been going extra ghetto and have been using an empty yogurt container to scoop the litter out. Now, this works pretty well, except you have to hold it weird so as not to get gross all over your hands, and you end up wasting a bunch of litter. BUT LET ME TELL YOU! Slotted scoops – WOW. What an invention! What a concept! What a wonderful thing!

I am going to have to leave it there, because I’ve got boat staggers [as in I feel like I’m still bobbing up and down, as if in a boat – most frequently experienced after being in a boat for long periods of time.], and my sunburn is making me very, very tired. Or maybe it was the sun that made me tired. Or maybe it was being woken up at 8 to the sound of my cat falling off the stairs [he’s okay, he does it frequently, don’t worry]. Either way, I’m tired, and my brain is all bobbing up and down, so I think I’m going to go make my sister rub my head, and maybe watch something on the television. And by television I mean the intertubez. I hope none of you are sunburned like my poor face… stay cool! [In all senses of the word!] Back soon!


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