Things That Make Being A Hipster Seem Like A Great Idea

Adorable Shakers. You’d be surprised at all the various forms hipster salt comes in.

The comfy kind of headphones. I managed to snag a pair of these from my ex for Christmas when we were still together, then in a fit of rage after we broke up, I gave them back to him [along with everything he’d ever given me, except the egg key-chain… I still use that. It was too cute to give up.] Either way, as I listen to Mika in my crappy iPod headphones [right from Apple, true story.], my ear tubes are crying for hipster-headphones.

Young men in pants that ACTUALLY FIT. You think they’re too tight. No senor, you’re just used to guys wearing pants around their knees.

Large framed glasses. Now, in all seriousness, these are a wonderful thing. Having to look through frames all day [while it does make everything like really awesome moving art] can get annoying if the frames get in your way. But if you have the 52′ flat screens of frames, you don’t get annoying lines in your images. Ah-boom.

Don Draper. What? What do you mean that has nothing to do with being a hipster…? Who cares? He’s hat. [And by hat, I mean hot… you knew that, I’m sure.]

I really want to put in that they have better apartments than other people, but I don’t actually have any concrete evidence of this… so the theory stands.

Anyway, this concludes the hipster-ish series. Yup, it’s over after two episodes. Rough life. See you in the morn for some excellent photographies!

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