“No. 3 Flirt. Flirting is merely enjoying yourself in the presence of others, it is not trying to get a guy to go home with you. So practice flirting with some unlikely people…a child, the mail carrier, your boss, the person behind you in line. Say hello, smile, it’s as easy as that.”

This is the number 3 way to be exquisite, according to Julie at Olivine Charm School. I’m not so sure about it. Well, okay, I agree with the part about smiling and saying hello to people – being charming is important these days. But calling it “flirtation”? That’s what I’m not so sure about. Well… it’s not even that! It’s flirtation in general that I’m not so sure about.

What is flirting? 1. It’s an absolutely ridiculous word! Flirt. Say it a bunch of times out loud. Silly word, eh? 2. It’s totally over rated. A friend of mine recently tried to teach me how to flirt – we were bored and overtired at our dry-grad. She, of course, did not succeed because I do not flirt. I think it is totally obscene to put on this facade of charming-ness to attract a possible pard’ner.

So I suppose… in a way… I agree with No. 3. Just be charming… all the time! You shouldn’t be focused only on being nice to possible romantic peeps, you should be charming and lovely toeveryone.

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