Paper Please

Toile de Jouy

It’s time I fess up… I have an addiction to wallpaper. It’s so pretty! I am going to have the most wallpapery wallpapered house in the world! But in a good way, that Nate Berkus would approve of. I actually get distracted on sites like Anthropologie when I’m looking at “clothes” and end up in the wallpaper/decorating section. I was watching The Nate Berkus Show the other day, and Gayle King [yes, Oprah’s Gayle] had the best wallpaper to show off in her kitchen. It’s Sheila Bridges’  Toile de Jouy and it’s gawgeous.

I’m currently trying to make my high school wardrobe into something a little more “east coast sophisticate” since I think it’s time to dress like a grown up, and start steering away from the men’s t-shirts and jeans look I have adopted over the last year. I miss cute clothes! But not the uncomfortable armpit issues. Ah well, sacrifices will be made. I wish I could just dress in wallpaper…


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