University (a.k.a. communal living, Bisquick meat, and the best thing ever)

Wow! I know it’s been a while – okay, understatement: it’s been months! – but I’m going to try to blog at least once a week now. I’d love to blog every day, but I have a feeling that’s just going to get unrealistic. This way there will be way more interesting things for you to read too, because I’ll accumulate all kinds of exciting things to tell you from the week!

So I’ll start from the beginning! I got here almost two weeks ago, and have been settling in. Classes are  awesome! One of the best things about this university is definitely the class sizes. My English class is about 25 people, and my biggest class is 110 people. Teensy weensy. The food is… interesting. Most of the time it’s really good, but sometimes I’m convinced the meat is actually pancakes… which makes me skeptical of everything ever.

I think the best part, so far, has been meeting all kinds of new people, and experiencing new things. I’m pretty much foreign here… Nova Scotia is not like BC at all. It’s nice in a way, but sometimes I really miss home. It’s also really weird to be learning about the Atlantic Ocean in my Geology class, and not the Pacific. Just wrong, I tell you!

So I’m going to post a couple pictures of campus – it’s beautiful – and leave it there for today because I am going to go think for a couple hours about my place in society, and how I think the world works. This is, of course, for my Sociology class.

Oh, just one more thing that I’d like to point out: today my SOCI prof said that sometimes people’s opinions are just WRONG. So there. Just cause it’s your opinion doesn’t mean it’s right. Good day!

University Hall (where Matriculation, Graduation, other university events happen)

Class of 2015 processing during the Matriculation Ceremony where we were officially enrolled/welcomed to the university.

The stage before the Academic Procession during Matriculation.

 The best stairs ever. These guys are in the environmental science building.

Best room ever, is all.

I will try to post again soon! Sorry again for the delay, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks, but I’m excited to be settling in, finally.


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