Monthly Archives: December 2011

As always, I apologize for my lack of blogging this year! University certainly takes up a fair amount of time, and when I write, I feel like I owe y’all something really worth reading – not that my little rambles aren’t worth reading, of course.

First order of business: I’m looking for inspiration. I’ve been thinking about it, and I want to write a story, and I suppose sitting here waiting for inspiration to strike me isn’t quite the way to do it, but I need a good character or two to get going. I’ll get there eventually, but in the mean time I thought it might be nice to share two little videos I find very inspiring.

The first is an awe inspiring talk by Sarah Kay – and her amazing performance of “B”. The second is my favourite of all stories, Jonathan Harris’s story collecting. I hope you enjoy them both, and I’ll try to stay in touch over the Christmas break! I’m on my way westerly in just under two weeks, and I’ll be taking lots of relaxing time – which we all know means lots of blogging time! I’ll work on blogging next term as well, now that I’ve got a routine, and a handle on this university thing.